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2 3/4" Clock Insert Fancy White Arabic

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  • The front of a 2 3/4" Fancy White Arabic Clock Insert with white face gold embossing and black scrolling around Arabic numbers with black hands.
  • 2 3/4" Clock Insert Fancy White Arabic


Are you in need of a new clock insert for your project? Look no further than this 2 3/4" insert with a fancy white Arabic face. The overall diameter measures 2 3/4", making it the perfect size for a variety of projects.

 This insert is easy to install thanks to its friction-fit design. Simply place the insert in the desired hole and let the tight fit do the rest of the work. No hassle, no fuss - just a secure and stylish clock insert for your project needs. Order yours today!

2 3/4" Clock Insert Fancy White Arabic Features:

  • The clock insert has a 2 3/4" Outside Diameter.
  • It fits into a 2 3/8" hole.
  • The mounting depth of the clock insert is about 5/8".
  • Every clock insert has a gold rim bezel.
  • A clear polycarbonate lens provides security for the dial and hands.
  • Black Clock Hands including an hour, minute, and second hand.
  • Each clock insert features a built-in quartz clock motor that is of excellent quality.
  • Easily take the bezel and lens off for hand adjustment if needed.
  • Takes one "AAA" battery (not included).
  • The clock inserts feature a white background with gold embossing and black scrolls around the Arabic numbers.


Using the Premium Clock Insert

The 2 3/4" clock inserts are a reliable and convenient option for adding a clock to your finished project.

Its friction fitting allows for easy insertion, and it can be removed just as easily when adjusting the time or changing the battery. Speaking of which, the clock takes one "N" size battery and has an adjustment wheel located on the back. Choosing the right batteries is a must.

Overall, this clock insert offers both simplicity and dependability, making it a great choice for any project that requires precise timekeeping.


The Mini Quartz Clock Movement that runs the Clock Inserts

All the clock inserts have clock mechanisms inside that make them run. They are just like a regular mini quartz clock movement but fit inside the clock case.

When it comes to crafting custom clocks or repairing old ones, using a mini quartz clock movement is the way to go.

Not only are these movements incredibly precise and reliable, but they also require minimal maintenance. The small size allows for more versatility in design, and the quiet operation ensures a peaceful environment.

In addition, thanks to their compact structure, mini quartz movements are often more affordable than larger options. When considering all of these factors, it's clear that choosing a mini quartz clock movement results in a superior final product with great features.

Fitting the Clock Insert to Your Project

You must have the correct hole size to fit the clock insert in. This clock will fit in a 2 3/8" hole. The mounting diameter that you measure on the clock will vary slightly due to the friction fit.

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Additional Information

Clock Size:
2 3/4"
Number Style:
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