2 3/4" Clock Inserts

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2 3/4" Clock Inserts

The 2 3/4" clock inserts have been a staple for clocks for years.  Using a clock insert is an easy and economical way to build a clock.  You simply create your clock and drill a 2 3/8" hole to insert this clock insert into.  The 2 3/4" clock insert uses friction fitting to fit into your hole.  To adust the clcok or change batteries, simply pull the clock out of your finished project.  There is an adjsutment wheel for the time on the back and also a place to insert the "N" battery.  These 2 3/4" clock inserts run for years and are very dependable.

2 3/4" Clock Insert features:

  • 2 3/4" Outside Diameter.
  • Fits into a 2 3/8" hole
  • Mounting depth is about 5/8"
  • Every clock insert has a gold rim bezel.
  • Clear polycarbonate lens.
  • Black Clock Hands including an hour, minute and second hand.
  • Each clock insert features a built in motor.
  • Easily take the bezel and lens off for hand adjustment if needed.
  • Takes one "N" battery (not included).