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2 3/8" Dad Little Wooden People

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  • A group of 2 3/8" Wooden Little people laying down and ready to put into a woodworking project,
  • A Dad Little People wooden figure standing upright.
  • A 2 3/8" tall little wood person.
  • A pile of little wooden people.


If you're looking for a way to bring your toy sets, school buses, and other creations to life, look no further than our Wood Male Figures.

Made from high-quality wood materials, these 2 3/8" wooden figures are ideal for adding people to any setting or scene.

Whether you're creating a bustling bus full of students or an important meeting at the office, these figures will help you add the touch of realism that your projects need.

Plus, our Wooden Little People are incredibly versatile and easy to work with. With a wide range of sizes and styles available, they can serve as teachers, businessmen, handymen, soldiers, and more.

So why wait? Add some life to your toys and get started with our Wood Male Figures today!

2 3/8" Wooden Little People Specifications:

  • The total length of the Dad is 2 3/8" tall.
  • The diameter is 7/8".
  • Made of hardwood.
  • They are sold in a package of 12.

There are many benefits to using wooden little people in educational and creative projects.

For one, they offer a great way to engage young children in learning activities. Wooden little people have simple, yet highly expressive features, making them interesting and fun for kids to use as the basis for art or role-playing games.

Additionally, these little figures can promote creativity and independence in students, encouraging them to come up with their own ideas while also providing concrete materials that they can work with.

Whether used at home or in a classroom setting, wooden little people can help foster creativity and inspire new ideas.

So if you're looking for a versatile and engaging material to use with your young students or children, consider giving wooden little people a try!

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