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Dura-Grit 3/8" Hollow Tip Burr 80 Grit

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The Dura-Grit 1/2" Hollow Tip Burr 80 Grit is a truly superior sanding band and a very useful hole saw sander. 'Saw' a hole into a piece of material and move laterally to open up an irregular cavity or hole. Sanded finish as it cuts! Dura-Grit is very strong. Won’t shatter.

 This bur won‚Äôt fly apart like ordinary sanding bands, won‚Äôt tear loose, and produces clean-edged, fast-cut holes. The burr can be mounted on an extra strong, steel mandrel that can be moved to enlarge holes or create irregular cavities. It is the perfect tool for woodworkers, do-it-yourselfers, and anyone who needs to quickly open up an irregular cavity or hole.

Recommended Applications For Dura-Grit 3/8" Hollow Tip Burr 80 Grit

The Hollow Tip is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of applications. Sanding the surfaces of wood carvings, models, and gourds The burr provides a smooth, refined finish. It can also be used to smooth wood panel edges and hole saw into cabinet backs to enlarge holes to accommodate water and waste pipes.

Additionally, it can be used to grind the edge of ceramic wall tile to accommodate waste pipes and water pipes or trim/fit ceramic tile edges around awkward protrusions. Use it to start from the soft, back of a wall tile and drill through to the front, to create a hole for a water pipe.

Finally, the Hollow Tip Burr can also be used to create lightning holes in RC aircraft structures or ‘ease’ edges - to fit, just about any material sheeting (see materials list). You can bevel wood and carbon fiber dowels and sheeting, plastic plumbing pipes, rubber hose, etc. Make corner ‘cut to’ holes when cutting out air register apertures in the laminate floor.

Dura-Grit 3/8" Hollow Tip Burr 80 Grit Specifications

  • 3/8 inch x 1/2 inch diameter
  • 1/8 inch shank
  • 80 Grit

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