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Aves Safety Solvent

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Aves Safety Solvent

Aves Safety Solvent is the perfect combination for Apoxie Sculpt and Fixit Sculpt!  Aves Safety Solvent is recommended for smoothing, texturing and feathering of the Apoxie Scultp & Fixit Scultp.  You can also use it to quickly clean tools, brushes and your work area before things set up.  Aves Safety Solvent is cleaned up with water.  Its non-hazardous and can ship internationally.  It does not contain paint thinners or other solvents and is a safe alternative.  

Aves Safety Solvent can be used for other great uses too!  Safety Solvent will remove inks, markers and stains from dry erase or white boards, fabrics and other surfaces.  Make sure to test the fabric  for color fastness and structure first.



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