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Badger Airbrush

Badger Airbrush Sotar 20/20 Paint Tip

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  • Badger Airbrush Sotar Paint Tip in Package
  • This is an enlarged photo of the fine tip 20-106
  • Enlarged view of the Medium tip 20-107
  • This is an enlarged view of the 20-108 tip


Badger Airbrush Sotar 20/20 Paint Tip

The Badger Sotar 20/20 airbrush comes with a fine paint nozzle or paint tip.  Badger also offers a medium tip and a coarse tip.  The Badger Airbrush Sotar 20/20 paint tips define what size of spray pattern you will get from the Sotar airbrush.

Differences in Paint tips:

  1. Fine  .2mm  The Fine nozzle creates a hair line to 3/4" spray pattern.
  2. Medium .3mm  The medium nozzle creates a pen line to 1" spray pattern.
  3. Coarse .4mm  The coarse nozzle creates a pencil line to 1 1/4" spray pattern.

Each spray tip requires a regulator of the same size.  Your airbrush came with the fine tip and regulator.  You will need a medium or coarse regulator when ordering those tips.

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