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Basswood 1/8 x 4 x 12

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Our Basswood 1/8 x 4 x 12 Carving Blanks are an excellent choice for any carving project!

Carve the 1/8" thick basswood blank.  Our basswood comes from Northern Wisconsin where it is soft and whiter than most.  Use this basswood for hand tools or power carving.  It just works well all the way around.  We cut our 1/8 thick pieces from basswood.  The mills, mill the basswood and cut it a little over 1/8" and then go ahead and dry it down.  Most of the time, we can still get a full 1/8" thick piece from the lumber but please allow a variance of 1/16" on the thickness.

Use the lightness of the Basswood and the the light color to your advantage. Basswood stains easily and is an excellent choice for making projects that require a colored stain.

Basswood 1/8 x 4 x 12 Specifications

  • 1/8 inches thick
  • 4 inches wide 
  • 12 inches Long
  • Surfaced Both Sides
  • Kiln Dried
  • Select and Better Lumber

Due to the nature and weight of lumber, all orders with basswood are charged actual shipping at the time of shipment.  We try to ship as economically as we can. We try to send the most economical way.  Remember, our cost on shipping is your cost.

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