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Birdhouses Boxes and Feeders

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Birdhouses Boxes and Feeders for the Backyard Hobbyist

Experience both the joy of working with wood and the delight of enticing birds. If you are a woodworker who loves birds, or maybe a birdwatcher who wants to create a wildlife friendly habitat, this book will certainly help you with doing just that. Inside you will find plans for boxes, houses,  and feeders designed to provide safe places for birds to feed, find shelter, roost, or simply nest. Also provided is information on box and feeder siting, appropriate food, types of nest boxes, and the birds you can expect to see, featured alongside everything that you need to know about suitable woods, necessary tools and materials, and construction techniques. Each project offers concise step-by-step instructions with illustrated photographs and diagrams. These projects are suitable for both the novice and experienced woodworker. 

Birdhouses Boxes and Feeders Projects Include:

  • Natural Log Box.
  • Bluebird House.
  • Standard Open-Front Box.
  • Chickadee Birdhouse and Roost.
  • Bark Bat Box.
  • Small Raptor Box.
  • Edwardian-Style Dovecote.
  • Wood Duck House.
  • Japanese Birdbath.
  • Traditional Bird Feeder.
  • Rustic Bird Feeder.
  • Traditional Suet Feeder.
  • Brainteaser Feeder.
  • Underside Suet Feeder.
  • Carved Decoy Duck Raft Feeder.
  • Oriole Wishing Well Feeder.
  • Feeding Station.
  • Squirrel-Proof Feeder.
  • Folk Art Feeder House. 

Birdhouses Boxes and Feeder Specifications:

  • 160 Pages.
  • Paperback.
  • 8.5" x 11"
  • Authors: Alan & Gill Bridgewater, Paul Meisel and Stephen Moss. 
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Warranty Information

This book is non-returnable due to the nature of books and damages that may occur.
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