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Black Glass Eyes on Wire 22mm

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0.05 LBS
  • A black glass eye attached to a wire in a profile view.
  • A group of black glass eyes for taxidermy.
  • Looking straight at the front of a black glass eye.


Black glass eyes are a solid glass eye in an antique black on a wire.  The black glass eyes are made from glass bars which are heated and molded onto the wire and into the shapes for the eyes.  Since the eyes are solid glass, they are pretty tough and don't break as easily as blown glass eyes.  Our black glass eyes are hand made in Germany.  They come on a wire with one eye on each end.  This allows you to cut the wire at the length you desire.  

22mm Black Glass Eye uses:

  • Old Style Decoys.
  • Songbirds.
  • Stained Carvings.
  • Taxidermy.
  • Dolls.
  • Figurines.

Black Glass Eye Specifications:

  • 22mm in diameter.
  • Completely black.
  • Sold by the pair.
  • Attached to a wire (Please note, in some instances they may fall off the wire.) These eyes are still perfectly usable, you will be able to set them straight in your eye socket.
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