Brass Flat Head Phillip's Screws

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Brass Flat Head Phillip's Screws 

The Brass Flat Head Phillip's Screws come in sizes from #1 to #6 and lengths from 1/4" to 5/8". Use these Flat Head screws for hinges, hangers, turnbuttons and other places. These brass flat head Phillips screws are considered the best fasteners that are non destructive and can be removed if desired.

The Brass Flat Head Phillip's Screws are easliy countersunk so the screw is flush with the surface or sits below the the surface to be concealed.

Brass Flat Head Phillip's Screws Specifications:

  • Package of 100.

The thicker the stock the longer and thicker the screw needs to be.

 Please select the size and the length for your Brass Flat Head Phillip's Screws.