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Canvasbacks: A Pictorial Study

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Canvasbacks: A Pictorial Study

"Pictorial Study Series" by Tricia Veasey 

The Canvasback duck is a softly colored native of North America. Its preferred diet consists of wild celery, which is why it's about the most favored duck for flavor. This duck is primarily a vegetarian, feeding on aquatic plants, seeds , and occasionally small aquatic animals.Their flight is fast , in small flocks and in irregular  formation around feeding grounds, but when migrating they are in the common v-formation. Their habitat is usually in fresh water, salt water bays, marshes, and occasionally potholes. They can be located throughout the U.S and Western Canada. However the Canvasback breeds can also be located in along the Atlantic, Pacific and Golf Coast, are sometimes inland in the winters. This book contains full color photos of birds in numerous natural poses. You'll love these amazing pictures of these Canvasbacks in their natural habitat, sitting, standing, swimming, wings out, on land , in water,and nesting.

"Pictorial Study Series" by Tricia Veasey Book Specifications:

  • Softcover.
  • Pictorial Study.
  • 98 Pages.
  • Author, Tricia Veasey.
  • Publisher, Schiffer



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