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Carousel Animal Carving: Patterns & Techniques

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Carousel Animal Carving, Patterns and Techniques

 Carousel Animal Carving: Patterns & Techniques is an extremely thorough book which covers every aspect of carving your own carousel animal from planning, pattern-making and carving to painting and finishing. The Authors have provided a full chapter that guides the carver with tool selection and choices such as power tools plus a few different shaped chisels.  Bud Ellis and Rhonda Hoeckley give the carver information on how to start your project, avoiding possible problems, and fixing mistakes before they begin.  The instructions begin with roughing out the head and neck , then working your way to carving  the body, and last is carving the legs and tail. They will teach the readers about general carving techniques for the beginners, working with wood grain, and using a blueprint. There is a section on assembly your animal with instructions for installing the tail, evening up legs, gluing the body together, inserting the pole, and puttying the joints. The full page chart of metric equivalents with conversion factors will help the carver as well. When your finished with carving the horse you will find a complete chapter on sealing, priming, staining , and painting. 

Carousel Animal Carving: Patterns & Techniques Patterns;

  • Various Horses.
  • Goat.
  • Rabbit.
  • Greyhound.
  • Specialty Saddles with embellishments.
  • Blankets.
  • Jewels.

Carousel Animal Carving: Patterns & Techniques Specifications:

  • Soft Cover.
  • 166 Pages.
  • Authors; Bud Ellis & Rhonda Hoeckly.
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