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Carving Exotic Fish

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Carving Exotic Fish

by Margaret Streams

Catch the beauty of these tropical fish while creating a stunning and  detailed carving with Margaret Streams. Margaret shares her secrets with step-by-step techniques of carving, painting, and mounting your exotic fish.There are detailed demonstrations of the use of both traditional hand & power tools, plus a list of which tools to use for each carving. Margaret explains how to carve three varieties of tropical fish, with each illustrated step including a color photograph and concise description of the techniques that are involved for the carvings, including references. The reader will learn exclusive painting instructions for all three exotic fish, plus how to create the base with habitat. There are specific instructions with illustrations on how to carve fins, large and small scales, setting eyes, physical characteristics, and cross sections. The detail in this book will amaze you, while you bring your realistic carving to life.

Caring Exotic Fish Patterns:

  • Red Crane Crest, Chinese Goldfish.
  • Fresh Water Angelfish (Pterophyllum Scalare).
  • Long-Nosed Butterfly (Forcipiger Flavissimus).

Carving Exotic Fish Book Specifications:

  • Hardcover.
  • 160 Pages.
  • Gallery of 600 Color Photographs.
  • Author, Margaret Steams.
  • Text Written by Douglas-Congdon Martin.
  • Photographs by Douglas-Congdon Martin.
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