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Carving Fish and Pond Life

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Carving Fish and Pond Life by Richard Roth

This book offers the carver a challenge for fine detail with an endless variety  of species and poses, that leaves room for creativity. Carving fish is a combination of technical skill, an oberservation of anatomy and habitat. Realistic wood carving revolves around the carvers perception  of how the fish interacts with its habitat. Richard Roth will lead the carver through, three fish and pond life carvings. Projects include Brook Trout,  the Pumpkinseed, and an  Eastern Painted Turtle.The steps are clearly illustrated with  photographs, and descriptions of techniques. Painting sections are illustrated in full color with beautiful color palettes. There are over 800 step-by-step amazing  photographs plus drawings and palettes.  Richard uses a combination of power carving, traditional carving , and woodburning that brings life to these amazing carvings. Each painting technique add the final touch of realism. There is an excellent  gallery of photographs that are reflect the  beauty of each fish which captures nature and can be used a study model to help you create a realistic fish carving. 

   Carving Fish And Pond Life Includes:

  • List of Reference materials.
  • Trout Pattern.
  • Anatomy of Trout.
  • Carving Brook Trout.
  • Creating Habitat.
  • Carving the Pumpkinseed
  • Creating Pumpkinseed Habitat.
  • Carving Eastern Painted Turtle.
  • Painting Section. 
  • Painting Brook Trout and its Habitat.
  • Painting Pumpkinseed and its Habitat.
  • Painting and Mounting painted turtle.
  • Gallery of Photographs.

Carving Fish And Pond Life Book Specifications:

  • Hardcover.
  • 224 Pages. 
  • Author, Richard Roth.
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