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Carving Realistic Flowers in Wood

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Carving Realistic Flowers:Revised Edition

Carve lifelike Flowers: Morning Glory, Hibiscus, Rose: Full Size Ready-to-Use Patterns, Step-by-Step Projects, Reference Photos

  This beginning-to-advanced-level carving book provides three projects designed to teach the carving skills needed to recreate any flower. Starting with a morning glory, this guide offers step-by-step instructions on how to carve and texture the flower and ideas for creating a beautiful finish with paints. The first two projects teach techniques and tips that will help you successfully carve the rose, which is the the most advanced of the three projects. Also included are close-up photographs of real flowers showing the variations in bloom, petals, and leaf groupings, as is a detailed examination of the power tools a woodcarver needs to create realistic carvings, including the bits and burs, flexible shaft machines, handpieces, and dust collectors. Wanda teaches you how to incorporate new skills while learning to carve the simple star-patterned petals then move on to the fringed petals, and finally carve the delicate nesting petals.  You will thoroughly enjoy this book with Wanda Marsh's guidance you can create these stunning and beautiful flowers that look so natural and real.  

Carving Realistic Flowers Includes These Patterns:

  • Morning Glory with Top, Side, Plus Two Different Leaf Patterns.
  • Hibiscus with Top, Side Stem, Stamen, Two Different Leaf Views.
  • Rose with Outer Top , Outer Side, Middle Top, Middle Side, Center Top, Center Side, Small & Large Leaves.

Carving Realistic Flowers Book Specifications:

  • Softcover
  • 57 Pages.
  • Author Wanda Marsh.
  • Publisher Fox Chapel.
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