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Champagne Glass Top

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0.65 LBS


Are you looking for a way to protect your delicate knickknacks?

The champagne glass top cover is the perfect way to keep your delicate knick knacks safe. It’s made of sturdy glass, so you can be sure that your treasures will be protected.

Do you have a cherished collection of knickknacks that you don't want to dust?

This champagne glass top is perfect for covering your treasured knickknacks. It's made of durable glass and has a sleek design that will look great in any room.

This clear glass globe is perfect for showing off those cherished collectibles. The Glass Top is a sphere that sits elegantly on any surface and provides a clear view from all angles. It makes a beautiful addition to any display and is perfect for home, office, or retail settings.

This clear glass globe allows everyone to view those cherished collectibles or special family momentos. The Glass Top is a simple and elegant way to show off your prized possessions.

The Champagne Glass Top measures 2.1 inches wide x 4 inches high

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