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Collector Series Art of Drawing People

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Collector Series Art of Drawing People is an amazing book with simple techniques for drawing figures, portraits, and poses.  Learn to draw one of the most interesting and challenging subjects, people.  This book explores how to capture detailed poses and likenesses in graphite pencil.  You will find The Art Of Drawing People is packed with helpful tips practical advice, and fundamental drawing techniques.  Also provided is a tool and material list, value and shading, proportions, and setting up an effective composition.  There is important information about the influence of anatomy, bone structure, and musculature, with detailed examples of facial features, hands, and feet that will help guide you through the difficult aspects of drawing people.

Whether drawing from life or from photographs, this inclusive drawing guide is the perfect first step for beginning artists. Follow along, step by step, as professional artists reveal their drawing tips and tricks. With practice, you’ll soon be able to capture amazing likenesses in your own pencil drawings.

Collector Series Art of Drawing People Contents:

  • Getting Started:
    • Beginning Portraiture.
    • People In Perspective.
    • Learning To See.
    • Composition.
    • Basic Pencil Techniques.
  • Basic Heads & Faces:
    • Basic Line.
    • Front View.
    • Three-Quarter View.
    • Mature Faces.
    • Young Faces.
  • Realistic Portraits:
    • Adult Facial Proportions.
    • The Planes of the Face.
    • Adult Facial Features.
    • Drawing From A Snapshot.
    • Drawing What You See.
    • Capturing Personality.
    • Working with Lighting.
    • Including a Background.
    • Portrait in Profile.
    • Developing Hair.
  • Drawing The Body:
    • Showing Movement.
    • Foreshortening.
    • Hands.
    • Feet.
    • Lighting a Subject.
    • Life Drawing.
    • Occasion Portrait.
  • Drawing Children:
    • Children's Facial Proportions.
    • Portraying Children's Features.
    • Choosing a Phot Reference.
    • Drawing a Baby.
    • Capturing Details.
    • Establishing Values.
    • Children's Body Proportions.
    • Children In Action.
    • Choosing a Pose. 

Collector Series Art of Drawing People Specifications:

  • Softcover.
  • 128 Pages.
  • Authors - Debra Kauffman Yaun, William F. Powell, Diane Cardaci, Walter Foster.
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