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Colwood Aluminum Carrying Case

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4.00 LBS
  • A Colwood Aluminum Carrying Case with the top open shows the black tip case and foam to hold the control unit in place.
  • A view of the Colwood trademark on the top of the cover for the carrying case.
  • The top of the Aluminum case is closed and locked with a ring on each side for a carrying strap.

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This Colwood Aluminum Carrying Case gives the pyrographer/woodburner more storage area for the control unit and accessories. The molded compartments have been removed and only one foam insert is needed to accommodate all of Colwood's woodburning units.

Colwood also offers an additional case for storage for most of your accessory items: tips, handpieces, and cords. etc. 

Like many people that are into woodburning, I'm sure you have accumulated a sizable collection of fixed and replaceable tips. Storing, organizing, and transporting all those supplies can be difficult.

That's where this handy Colwood Aluminum Carrying Case comes to play. Keep your tools organized and clean with this carrying case while traveling with your favorite woodburner and accessories.

Whether you are carrying cords, handpieces, and the woodburning unit, it all fits into the Colwood Case.


Colwood Aluminum Carrying Case Specifications

  • Silver Aluminum Carrying Case - 14 1/4" x 10 1/2" x 5".
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