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Colwood Detailer Deluxe Fixed Tip Wood Burning Kit

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6.50 LBS
  •  The Colwood Detailer Deluxe Woodburning Kit Fixed Tip includes an aluminum case, fixed tip wood burning pens, cleaning cloth, the wood burning unit, poplar, a book, cleaning cloth, and a piece of honing paper..
  • A wood burning unit, aluminum case, fixed tip pens, book, instructions, wood, cleaning cloth and pen holder is all included with this Colwood Kit.
  • The fixed tip wood burning pens are included in the Colwood Deluxe wood burning Kit.
  • This is a view of the complete kit inside the aluminum case with a piece of poplar, a book,  nine fixed tip pens, the control unit, a small black storage case, a cleaning cloth, and a piece of honing paper.
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Get burning with the Colwood Detailer Woodburning Unit fixed tip kit and create a beautiful pyrography project. The Detailer Woodburning Unit is a top of the line variable temperature woodburning unit that can be adjusted at the base thermostat for a range of temperatures.

The tips on the handpiece become hot within seconds, and the cool down time is also fast. This woodburning unit has an illuminated on/off switch, temperature control dial, power cord, handpiece cord, and handpiece clip.

The Detailer Woodburning Unit is one of Colwoods best sellers.  You will receive the Detailer Unit, nine fixed tip pens, a Silver Aluminum Carrying Case, a Tip Storage Case, a Pyrography Basics Book, and a piece of Kiln Dried Poplar, Cleaning Cloth, and Honing Paper.

This workhorse unit will keep you burning and make your work easy for years to come. We combine the Detailer with a 16 gauge heavy duty cord for optional heat to your woodburning tips.

You'll like the handy tabletop model with a terminal barrier for changing cords. It's worth investing in quality wood burners with the best tools. The Colwood Detailer Woodburning Kit allows you to create a higher level of achievement for all your pyrography projects.

The Colwood Detailer Deluxe Fixed Tip Wood Burning Kit Include:

  • 1 -Detailer Unit, has illuminated power switch, temperature control, 16 gauge power cord
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty on the unit only.
  • 1 -Silver Aluminum Carrying Case to accommodate your Colwood Woodburner, Tips, and Accessories
  • 1 -Tip Storage Case for holding additional Tips and Handpieces.
  • 1 -B Large Point Fixed Tip gives you the ability to burn fine crisp and precise lines or to create a pattern of random wide curls for a heavier tone.
  • 1 -C Writing Fixed Tip Pen is ideal for writing and burning tight circles and curves.
  • 1 -D Small Round Fixed Tip Pen designed to scorch small areas of wood, especially for gradient tones, and shading.
  • 1 -J Tight Round Fixed Tip Pen is used for concave areas, such as gradient tones, shading, and filling in backgrounds.
  • 1 -S Shading Fixed Tip Pen designed for shading and raising feathers on carvings.
  • 1 -K Small Point Round Fixed Tip Pen is ideal for writing, burning tight circles and curves, shading, outlining, and texture type work.
  • 1 - C1 Small Calligraphy Fixed Tip Pen the wide edge held horizontally, to create broad areas of shading, or try holding the tip at a 45° angle rotating between the thumb and fingers, to create graceful curved soft or heavy lines.
  • 1 - MR, Micro Rounded Heel Fixed Tip Pen is used for fine details and random wide curls for a heavier tone.
  • 1 -MicroC Micro Writing Fixed Tip Pen is used for outlining, and adding texture or for writing and burning tight circles and curves.
  • 1 - Pyrography Basics Book.
  • 1 - Piece of Kiln Dried Poplar.
  • 1 - Cleaning Cloth Used for cleaning the tips without creating excessive wear or removing metal.
  • 1 - Honing Paper used to clean off residue or Carbon Buildup on the tips

The Colwood Detailer Deluxe Fixed Tip Wood Burning Kit Specifications:

  • The Detailer Unit measures 5.5" x 4.0" x 2.77"
  • Silver Aluminum Carrying Case that measures 14 1/4" x 10 1/2" x 5".
  • Tip Storage Case that measures 8-1/2" x 4-1/2".
  • B Large Point Fixed Tip Pen - 1/4".
  • C Writing Fixed Tip Pen - 0.076.
  • D Small Round Fixed Tip Pen - 3/16".
  • J Tight Round Fixed Tip Pen - 1/8".
  • S Shading Fixed Tip Pen - 3/16".
  • K Small Point Round 1/2 size Fixed Tip Pen.
  • C1 Small Calligraphy Fixed Tip Pen 1/8".
  • MR Micro Rounded Heel Fixed Tip Pen 3/32".
  • MicroC Micro Writing Fixed Tip Pen .03.
  • Pyrography Basics Book 8.5" x 11.00" x .20"
  • Piece of Kiln Dried Poplar that is 5-1/2" x 11" x 1/2".
  • A Cleaning Cloth that is 9" x 5-1/2".
  • Honing Paper that is 9" x 3-5/8".
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Warranty Information

2 Year Manufacturer Warranty If your woodburner is in need of repair you should send the unit directly to Colwood; DO NOT try to repair the unit yourself. Attempting to repair the unit yourself will void any existing warranty. If you send the unit in for repair you should include the following: A brief note explaining the problem. The control unit (Detailer, Super Pro, Cub, etc.) with handpiece cords attached. Any RT Handles or FT Handpieces used when experiencing the problem. Any RT Tip if applicable A daytime phone number where you can be reached Handpieces and tips cannot be repaired but should be included when sending a unit in for repair as they are sometimes the cause of the problem. Colwood • 44 Main Street • Farmingdale, NJ 07727 • (732) 938-5556 • Fax: (732) 938-9037
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