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Colwood Detailer Woodburning Unit

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2.90 LBS
  • The black Colwood Detailer featuring a front controls with instructions and the  cord for your pens to attach.
  • The Colwood Detailer as it comes showing the Detailer unit, with pen clip on top of the unit, the plug in and the heavy duty cord for the hand-pieces.
  • A closeup look at the Colwood Detailer showing the on/off switch and the temperature control on the front with a Colwood logo.
  • A view from the back of the Colwood Detailer wood burning unit.  The electrical cord protrudes from the back and the heavy duty cord for hand-pieces is attached in the back of the unit.
  • The front, top and right side of the Colwood Detailer wood burning unit is shown with the hand-piece clip on top and controls to the front of the unit.
  • The back left side view of the Colwood Detailer wood burning unit showing the side with the hand-piece attached and part of the back of the machine.


The Colwood Detailer Woodburning Unit is a great choice for both beginners and more advanced woodburners.

As the original unit, the Colwood Detailer Woodburning Unit is a best-seller. It comes with a 2-year control unit warranty and a 90-day handpiece cord warranty.

The detailer is perfect to use for regular woodburning and pyrography. The Colwood Detailer Woodburner Unit is available in a 220-Volt international model. Serious woodworkers need only apply!

The control unit:

The front of the control unit features a lighted on-off switch and a temperature control dial. This dial allows you to be very precise and get a consistent temperature, which results in exquisite detail.

The top of the Colwood Detailer control unit features a handpiece clip for convenient placement of your handpiece while burning, or when in storage.

The back of the Colwood Detailer Woodburning Unit r is where you will find the terminal barrier to attach the handpiece cord. This handpiece cord does come attached, but it is easily removed and replaced as needed. The handpiece cord carries heat to the pen and tip.

The handpiece cords on all of Colwood's units are made to accept a fixed-tip handpiece or a replaceable tip. If you would like to use replaceable tips, you will need to purchase a compatible handpiece.

Tips Sold Separately

More tips are available depending on what kind of burning you'd like to do. These tips are sold separately and range from a detailing tip to a large point, but all are designed for precision and control. You can also use an optional tip puller to take the replaceable tips off of the handle. You can purchase a woodburning tip shader, writer, needlepoint, small point, and so much more to bring your project to perfection.

The Colwood Detailer Woodburning Unit is Colwood's original unit and includes the detailer only, meaning the handpieces and tips are sold separately. The detailer units on the Colwood Detailer are the most dependable on the market and are many carvers’ favorite piece of equipment.

The Colwood Detailer Woodburners come with a 16-gauge cord, but if you need heavy duty cords, you can purchase those separately. The ultra flex handpiece cord is no longer available.

Don't limit yourself to just using the woodburners for pyro or wood carving; take a try at stamp art. They work marvelously for that!

This Colwood Woodburner is a great price compared to other burners, and is one of our biggest sellers. If you're doing woodburning, you can't go wrong with buying the Colwood Detailer Woodburning Unit.

Colwood Detailer Woodburning Unit Details

  • Weighs only 2.8 pounds.
  • Measures 5 1/2" x 4" x about 2 7/8" - the perfect size.
  • Clip for mounting handpieces is included.
  • Table model. Simply set it down and start burning.

Your Colwood Detailer comes tuned to perfection by Colwood. Over time, you may need to adjust the Trim Pot located inside the detailer woodburning unit. If you need help with this, you can send it in and Colwood will be happy to do that for you.

Adjusting The Colwood Detailer Trim Pot

Why would you need to adjust the trim pot?

Either there is no heat coming to the tip even when you have it set to 5 or above, or maybe your unit is smoldering hot and set to zero. In these circumstances, you definitely want to make an adjustment to the trim pot in order to continue to get the most out of your Colwood Detailer Woodburning Unit. Here’s how:

  1. Unplug the unit. Make sure it’s turned off too, just for safety.
  2. Remove the cover from the control unit by taking out the two screws on each side of the unit.
  3. You'll find a printed circuit board behind the dial with the "trim pot."
  4. If your woodburning tip is too hot when the unit is set to zero, turn the trim pot counter-clockwise. Small increments are always better, and it is ok to go back and turn it again if you're not happy with your adjustment.
  5. If you're not getting a lot of heat and you've cranked your unit up past 5, adjust the trim pot clockwise, and continue to adjust in small increments if needed.
  6. Put the unit back together, plug it in, turn it on, and do a test burn on a piece of scrap. If you need to adjust more, follow the steps to adjust the trim pot again.

When the Colwood Detailer Woodburning Units are manufactured they are made to make the burning tip hot enough to burn your skin, but not burn the wood when set to '0'. Turning up the trim pot does not give you more overall output; it just increases the output when the unit is at 0.

We offer an array of wood options for woodburning, so you can get creative and produce the art you’ve always wanted. With supplies ranging from a carrying case to cords, you have everything you would need to get started. Add our Colwood Detailer Woodburning Unit to your cart today!


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