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Colwood Replaceable Tip Small Round

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This Colwood Replaceable Woodburning Tip Small Round can be used anywhere on your project. This woodburning tip is the best for burning straight thin lines. This style of woodburning tip will follow concaved surfaces without digging into the wood. It has a 3/16" width tip. 

The Colwood Woodburning Replaceable Tip is the perfect tool for your woodburning needs! This 3/16" tip is designed to create small, precise burns that are perfect for adding detail and dimension to your work.

Whether you're shading, filling in, or creating gradient tones, the Small Round Woodburning Tip is up to the task. And when you're finished, simply replace the tip and you're ready to go again.

So why wait? Get the Colwood Woodburning Replaceable Tip today and see the difference it makes in your woodburning projects!

Colwood Replaceable Tip Small Round

  • This is a replaceable woodburning tip
  • The tip size is 3/36 inch
  • This tip style is a small round
  • Made in the USA

You will need a Replaceable Tip Handle.  This handle plugs into your Colwood woodburning unit.  A replaceable woodburning tip can then be placed in the handle, heated and you are ready to do some woodburning.

The handle can be used with a variety of tips that allow you to create different effects, while the Colwood Woodburner provides consistent heat for an even burn. Together, these two tools will help you create beautiful wood-burned projects.

Enhance your woodburning skills with this versatile woodburning tip! Designed to work with the popular Colwood handle, this tip can be used on a variety of woodburning units with the help of a simple adapter.

Cleaning Replaceable Tips

The high-quality Replaceable Wood Burning Tip offers an easy and convenient way to clean your wood burning tips.  If you are looking for a simple way to clean off the carbon build up on your woodburning tips, then you need this honing paper. This honing paper is a 600 grit paper which means it is rough enough that you will only need to slightly rub it against your wood burning tips to clear all the carbon build up away. Not cleaning your wood burning tips will result in damaging your woodburning tips and lessen the life span.

If there is too much carbon build up you will not be able to woodburn with sufficient temperatures which will make your woodburning projects harder due to the heat fluctuation, simply pull the woodburning tip across the honing paper.

You can also use the Colwood cleaning burrs, simply insert the burr into your 1/8" collet on your handpiece, and you'll be able to remove carbon buildup in seconds. This will help keep your tips functioning properly for longer and give you more hours of comfortable burning.

These are the best methods because it quickly and easily removes all the soot and residue from your tip, so you can continue your project with ease.  

Having a clean woodburning tip will help to produce cleaner lines while wood burning.

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