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Complete Guide to Architectural Carving

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Complete Guide to Architectural Carving

Learn to create and carve beautiful  architectural accents for your home with this skill building guide. Follow along as Kurt Koch a master carver takes you through various simple exercises such as carving with and against the grain and move on to advanced techniques with carving swoops, swirls and rosettes. Kurt shows the reader how to proceed to the advanced techniques using an intricate flower banner with natural objects and the classical acanthus leaf motif. For the beginner carvers he guides you through decorative ornamental styles with basic techniques and methods for the projects.This book is geared toward the intermediate carvers who already poses basic gouge and chisel carving skills. Architectural carvings can be used to enhance a variety of different types of furniture including tables, chairs, Armour's, and much more. There are seven architectural carving projects with patterns for you to create. You'll learn about which tools to use with each project, wood selection, polishing and shaping with a clean finish.


Complete Guide to Architectural Carving Detailing Projects:

  • Ornamental Swirl Decorations.
  • Stylized Bloom with Leaf Background.
  • Pansies with Ribbon.
  • Concave Forms.
  • Convex Ball.
  • Recessed and Elevated Helix.
  • Enlarged Curve Motif.


Complete Guide to Architectural Carving Book Specs:

  • Softcover.
  • 73 Pages.
  • Author: Kurt Koch.
  • Publisher: Fox Chapel.


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