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Deluxe Leather Powerstrop

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Deluxe Leather Powerstrop For razor sharp tools, use the Flexcut Deluxe Leather Powerstrop with a genuine leather 3 1/4" x 3/4"  diameter wheel and V-Wheel. Easily attaches to any drill to sharpen and hone your own knives. Instructions included. Use the Power Strop after stone sharpening to remove the wire edge burrs, or for the inside radius of different gouges when reshaping is needed. The Flexcut Deluxe Power Strop is an excellent way to maintain your edges. Sharp tools are essential for wood carving. Not only will they improve your quality of work, they also make carving more enjoyable. When your done sharpening simply clamp a piece of softwood and cut across the grain of the board. The blade should shear the wood cleanly without tearing fibers. If used correctly your carving tool will make a hissing sound as it zips through the wood. Made in the USA.

Deluxe Leather Powerstrop Contains;

  • Genuine Leather 3 1/4" x  3/4" Round Wheel.
  • V- Shaped Leather Wheel.
  • 2 Buffing Compound Sticks.
  •  Washer & Nut for 1/4" Shaft.
  • 2  1/2" Mandrels.
  • Instructions.

 Uses for Deluxe Leather Powerstrop:

  • Remove wire edge burr after stone sharpening.
  • Planes Blades and Wood Chisels.
  • Draw Knives plus other tools.
  • Inside Radius of Gouge.
  • Fits in Any Power Drill.
  • Rated for 600-800 RPM.   

This is a good start to a very effective and economical sharpening system.      

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