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Dinnertime Whirligig DIY Kit

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3.40 LBS


Dinnertime Whirligig DIY Kit

Add this nest of baby chicks and their mother to your lawn or garden. This double action whirligig will keep you amused for hours! Our Dinnertime Whirligig DIY Kit is one of the many great DIY projects that we have. The Dinnertime Whirligig DIY Kit comes with everything you need to assemble and make your own Dinnertime Whirligig.

You are provided with a full size whirligig plan for the Dinnertime Whirligig that has fully detailed instructions on what each part is, how to assemble the pieces together, and there is a paint guide included. You will also get a hardware kit that has all of your hubs, nails, tubes, and more.

Lastly, you will also receive the lumber already cut out for you, it just needs a little sanding and paint. Paint is not included. This is one of the best DIY projects around! Start making your Dinnertime whirligig this weekend!

What's included in the Dinnertime Whirligig DIY Kit?

  • All the lumber is cut out, drilled, and ready for you to do the final sanding.
  • Propellors and blades.
  • Drive Shafts.
  • All the hardware to complete the whirligig.
  • Instructions that show an exploded view of how the whirligig goes together.

What You'll Need to finish the Dinnertime Whirligig DIY Kit:

  • Sandpaper.
  • Hammer.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Pliers. 
  • Glue.
  • Paint.  (We recommend using a primer coat, then painting the colors and a clear protective finish over that).
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