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Dunkle Knives

Dunkle Dust Stropping Compound

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0.25 LBS
  • The Dunkle Dust Stropping Compound is the most amazing compound for sharpening your carving knives.
  • The dunkle stropping compound aka dunkle dust in an open container

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If there were only one stropping compound available for all strops we would be happy if it were Dunkle dust.

 John Dunkle's blue velvet stropping compound is recommended with all strops.  We simply love this compound.  Put a small amount on your strop and work it into the surface.  You won't need a lot of it! The Dunkle Dust Stropping compound comes in a easy to open and close container.  It contains about 1.9 oz of blue Dunkle dust.

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