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Dunkle High Point Knife 3/4"

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  • The Dunkle High Point Detail knife showing the ergonomic handle with a 3/4" cutting blade and a blade cover in the upper left of the photo.
  • A row of the Dunkle high point detail knives with their sheath covers on.
  • The back side of the Dunkle high point Detail knife showing the entire carving knife and knife sheath.
  • A few of the Dunkle Knives with featuring a 3/4" blade that is 5/32" wide.
  • The Dunkle high point detail knife showing the super sharp blade edge and detail of the comfortable handle.
  • Looking straight on the end of the knife blade of the Dunkle high point detail bench knife.
  • A close look at the 3/4" Dunkle High Point bench knife featuring a brownish handle and sheath cover.
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The Dunkle Knives high point bench knife is one of the best custom knives that you will come across.  The handles and knives are all custom made, one at a time by John Dunkle, a master knife maker.  You will see variations in handles including color and slight style differences.  John fits each one to make sure they are ergonomically correct and ready for you to carve.

Each Dunkle carving knife comes with a knife cover, is sharpened and polished and ready to carve.

Dunkle Knives High Point 3/4" Knife Specifications:

  • 3/4" long carving blade.
  • 5/32" carving blade height.
  • Overall knife length is about 6".
  • Made in the USA.
  • Nice Flexible blade for extreme carving details.
  • Knife Sheath Included.

Maintain your Dunkle knives with a Dunkle Sharpening Strop and Dunkle Dust compound.  Most knives you can get several hours of carving out of before you even think of stropping.  


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