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Dunkle Knives Straight 1 3/4”

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  • This image shows the 3/4" straight blade and handle on the hand made Dunkle Knife.
  • Four Dunkle straight knives showing the color differences on the handles.
  • Showing you the image profile from the butt of the handle to the tip of the straight blade.
  • A view of four Dunkle Straight Knives comparing the colors and showing the curve in the handle.
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Each handle and knife is handcrafted by master knifemaker John Dunkle. The attention to detail that he puts into each individual blade ensures that every customer receives a top-quality product.  Dunkle Knives has the perfect blade for you. With a wide variety of blade styles to choose from, there is sure to be a carving knife that suits your needs. And because each knife is made by hand, you can be confident that your knife will be unique and of the highest quality. So if you are in the market for a carving new knife, be sure to check out Dunkle Knives. You won't be disappointed.

The Dunkle Knives Straight 1 3/4" is a superb carving knife made in the USA. Its key specification is the 1 3/4" long carving blade with a 9/32" blade height that allows for extreme carving details. The overall knife length is about 7", which is just the right size for comfortable and precise grip. The blade is also nice and flexible, making it perfect for detailed work. This carving knife is definitely one of the best on the market and would make an excellent addition to any carver's toolkit.

Each Dunkle carving knife comes with a knife cover, is sharpened and polished, and ready to carve.

Dunkle Knives Straight 1 3/4” Specifications:

  • 1 3/4" long carving blade.
  • 9/32" carving blade height.
  • Overall knife length is about 7".
  • Made in the USA.
  • Nice Flexible blade for extreme carving details.

If you're serious about your carving, then you need to invest in a Dunkle Sharpening Strop and Dunkle Dust compound. With proper care, your Dunkle knives will last for years and provide you with hours of carving enjoyment. The key is to strop your knives regularly - most knives can handle several hours of carving before they need to be stropped. Stropping not only keeps the blades sharp, but it also helps to remove any burrs or nicks that could cause problems down the road. When it's time to strop, simply apply a small amount of Dunkle Dust to the strop and then run the blade back and forth until it's nice and sharp. It's that easy! With a little bit of care, your Dunkle knives will give you years of faithful service.

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