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Dura-Grit 3/8" Sphere 80 Grit

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The Dura-Grit 3/8" Sphere is great for undercutting in low relief carvings. Contour cavities in blanks and molds. 'Open out’ interior of solid forms such as aircraft nose cones and duck decoys and bird eye sockets, etc.

This long-life carbide-coated burr is designed primarily for wood and gourd carving. In addition to being an undercut carving burr, it can be used in DIY and modeling functions.

The tip is removable and can be cleaned to further extend its already long working life!  At the same time as removing and shaping material, this tool smooths to a sanded finish, dictated by the grit grade! Ball burrs are an essential tool for any wood or gourd carver - get one today and see how it takes your carving to the next level!

Dura-Grit 3/8" Sphere 80 Grit Specifications

  • Sphere / Ball Burr
  • 3/8 inch diameter (9mm).
  • 1/8 inch shank
  • 80 grit

The Ball Burr is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. It features a grit that dictates the degree of smoothness as well as the removal of material and shaping.

It can also be used to dimple or texture frames or gourds. The Sphere Burr is mounted on an extra strong, steel mandrel that can be cleaned and restored to a new condition for the next project.

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