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Dura-Grit 90° TruSander 120 Grit

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  • This is the Dura-Grit 90° TruSander 120 Grit on its side showing the carbide sanding surface.
  • The carbide sanding block in use sanding the corner edge of a piece of wood.
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The TruSander Tungsten Carbide Sanding Block is a durable and versatile tool for any woodworker or professional contractor. As the name suggests, it can be used as a traditional sanding block for smoothing wood, drywall, many surfaces.

Its tungsten carbide surface lasts hundreds of times longer than traditional sandpaper and maintains its grade finish throughout the entire job. But that's not all - the TruSander can also be used as a truing device for sharpening blades and smoothing edges, a corner rounding sander, and even an edge beveling tool.

In short, the TruSander is truly the ultimate all-in-one sanding solution. Don't just take our word for it - try it out for yourself and see the amazing results.

Features and Benefits 90° TruSander 120 Grit

The Tungsten Carbide Sanding Block is a unique tool that offers numerous benefits over traditional sandpaper. Its tungsten carbide abrasive surface doesn't wear down like regular sandpaper, providing consistent results throughout the job.

This also makes it a more sustainable option, as you won't need to continuously replace worn-out sandpaper. The ergonomic handle allows for comfortable use on both large and small surfaces, including round corners and edges.

Plus, with a built-in dust collection system, it's easy to keep the work area clean while you work. Overall, the Tungsten Carbide Sanding Block offers an efficient and eco-friendly solution for all your sanding needs.

How To Use The Sander

A sander is a handy tool for performing a variety of woodworking tasks. It can easily sand large surfaces to create a smooth and consistent finish. This sander can also be used to sand edges and corners at a 90 degree angle, adding clean bevels or rounding edges.

Sanding through difficult glue lines and across the grain can also be made much easier with the use of a sander. In addition, this tool can be used in the same way as a wood plane for fitting frames and other joinery work. Overall, having a sander on hand can greatly increase efficiency and precision in any woodworking project.

Materials TruSander Works On

When it comes to sanding a variety of materials, the Carbide Sander is a versatile and efficient tool. It effortlessly sands hard and soft woods, as well as MDF, oak, pine molding, and engineered wood floors up to 5/8" thick.

The Carbide Sander also easily handles laminate 'click' floors and fiberglass composites. It can even tackle tougher materials such as carbon fiber and laminates. This sander also proves to be effective on rigid foam, ABS plumbing, rigid and flex PVC piping, rubber hose, plastic garden hose, and even gourds. Whether your project includes wood or more unique materials, the Carbide Sander is a valuable tool for achieving smooth sanded surfaces. 

Don't just take our word for it - try it out for yourself and see the amazing results.

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