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DuraDisc Carbide Sanding Disc

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0.17 LBS
  • A close view of the gold grit on this DuraDisc Carbide Sanding Disc
  •  Sanding the corner of a board with a regular sanding disc.
  • Edge sanding a board with a DuraDisc Carbide Sanding Disc.
  • Sanding with a Dura-Grit Carbide 5 Sanding Disc 80 Grit
  • Sanding with a DuraDisc Carbide Sanding Disc
  • The DuraDisc Carbide Sanding Disc in action.
  • The DuraDisc Carbide Sanding Disc on a sander.
  • Taking the DuraDisc Carbide Sanding Disc of a sander.


Dura-Grit Carbide 5" Sanding Disc 80 Grit allows you to Just Keep Sanding, Sanding and Sanding! Mount a DuraDisc™ on your sander and leave it there. Mount a different grit Dura Disc on a second sander and change sanders, not discs.

This 5” steel backed carbide disc is so durable, it will outlast the loop backing pad (replaceable in 2 packs**) and will often outlast the orbital sander!

Use the DuraDisc™ on your random orbit sander or on your belt/bench sander. 

5" DuraDisc Carbide Sanding Disc 80 Grit Features

  • Long Life: "I sanded 10,000 linear feet x 5" of spruce and it still works like new!” - John D. (Carpenter & Tradesman)
  • Heavy Duty: Very strong steel backed disc won’t tear or wear the same as ordinary sandpaper discs.
  • Same sanding finish at the end of the job, as at the beginning!
  • Grit will not break loose.
  • Versatile: Use on a 5 or 8 hole 5” Random Orbital Sander or a 5” bench mounted End Sander
  • Long working life makes using a different grit disc on two sanders (and leaving them there), a feasible proposition.
  • Easy Cleaning: Remove accumulated sawdust with wire brush, uncured rubber block or synthetic wine cork
  • Heavy duty hook and loop conversion kit included with each disc
  • Pro TIP:  Change sanders, not discs and save time - As the DuraDisc lasts so long, mount a coarse DuraDisc on one sander and a finer grade DuraDisc on a second sander.  Then change sanders, not discs!
  • Not intended for fine finishing beyond 80 grit
  • Not recommended for use on metal

Dura-Grit Carbide 5" Sanding Disc 80 Grit Uses

  • Wood.
  • Fibreglass .
  • Composites.
  • Ceramic wall tile.
  • Plywood.
  • Laminates.

Dura-Grit Carbide 5" Sanding Disc 80 Grit Specifications:

  • Rigid steel disc.
  • Coated with carbide grit in sandpaper.
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