Eiffel Tower Clock Plan

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Eiffel Tower Clock Plan

 The Eiffel Tower Clock Plan is a one of a kind hand made piece of art that will hold a special place in your heart. Put your scroll saw woodworking skills to work while creating this stunning design. Fretwork has been around since the early 1800's and it;s popularity continues.

Weather your a beginner or have been scolling for years you'll definitely be inspired with this design!

Eiffel Tower Clock Plan Specifications & Recommendations:

  • 16 inches Wide x 36 inches High x 16 inches Deep.
  • Suggested component: 3 1/2 inch quartz insert.
  • Out of Plywood: -3 packs of 1/4 inch thick material -1 pack of 1/8 inch for the  railings
  • Out of Hardwood: -1/4 inch thick by 24 inch long: --4 boards 10 inches wide --2 boards 6 inches wide -1/8 inch thick by 24 inch long: --1 board 6 inches wide for the railings.
  • Wood glue.