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Extra Large Screw Mandrel

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Extra Large Screw Mandrels are used in a variety of applications.  The straight mandrels allow the user to use abrasives on a disk that is ideal for finishing off smooth surfaces with no visible seams or edges, while the tapered version is perfect for accessing hard to reach areas and can be used to sand undercut areas easily.

Whether using the straight or tapered Extra Large Screw Mandrel, always take into consideration the type, size, and weight of the accessory before determining the maximum speed for use.

Following the ratings published for each Extra Large Screw Mandrel helps ensure proper operation and will help prevent unnecessary damage to both the mandrel and any accessories used with it.

The Extra Large Screw Mandrel for 1/8" Hole with an 1/8" shank can be used for unmounted brushes

Using The Extra Large Screw Mandrel

When it comes to finding the perfect mandrel for your project, do not take any chances. Taking the time to ensure that the screw capacity of the mandrel matches the arbor hole of your accessory and that the diameter of its shank fits comfortably in your handpiece collet or chuck can save you a lot of trouble and frustration down the line.

Having the right fit is essential to keeping your tools running properly and safely.  Mandrels are an essential part of any project and taking care when making your selection will help guarantee a successful outcome!

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