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Eze-Lap Diamond Stone Walnut Base

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Eze-Lap Diamond Stone Walnut Base The Eze-Lap Diamond Stone Walnut Base is one of the hardest material used for sharpening tools and will put a razor sharp edge on just about anything, including carbide. Their best quality is how quickly they sharpen those precious tools. The typical grit range for diamond stones is 220-1200. The Eze-Lap Diamond Stone is 600 grit.  Coarser stones cuts so aggressively they produce grooves in the edge. Eze-Lap Diamond Stone Walnut Base is a 2" x 6" diamond stone on walnut pedestal.  Sharpening surface is embedded with diamond particles.  Use instead of honing stone. A 2" wide stone will provide a surface big enough for a large chisel or gouge. Eze-Lap Diamond Stone  will give you a longer lasting edge.  Diamond Stones glaze because the pores get filled with metal particles from tools. The will reduce the stones ability to sharpen, lapping is the best remedy. After lapping in a circular motion for five to ten seconds the glazing will disappear. When working with the Eze-Lap Diamond Stone you wont have to contend with the irritating sound and volume produced by motorized sharpening systems.

Eze-Lap Diamond Stone Walnut Base specifications:

  • 2" x 6" Diamond Stone.
  • Walnut Base. 600 Fine Grit.
  • long lasting .
  • Razor Sharp Finish.
  • Made in the USA.

Eze-Lap Diamond Stone Walnut Base can sharpen a large variety of tools.  From carving knives to yard tools hatchets, fishhooks, even carbide.

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