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Eze-Lap Superfine Diamond Stone

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1.00 LBS
  • Eze-Lap Superfine Diamond Stone is a coarse stone with a leather pouch.
  • The Eze-Lap Superfine Diamond Stone is shown outside the original packaging.

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Eze-Lap Superfine Diamond Stone  The Eze-Lap Superfine Diamond Stone is a sharpening tool made of diamonds plated to a metal surface. Diamond stones are very efficient and remove metal up to 10 times faster than most of the other stones. When using the diamond you dont need to apply as much pressure to refine the cutting edge.

The Eze-Lap Superfine Diamond Stone can be used with or without honing oil or water. If you use honing oil or water make sure to wipe the stone clean with a soft cloth or paper towel to help remove the metal particles in suspension. 1200 Grit, Leather 2x6  Pouch included.

2 x 6" Eze-Lap Superfine Diamond Stone Specifications:

  • 1200 Grit.
  • Leather Pouch included.
  • 2 x 6 Stone.
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