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Flexcut Carvin' Jack Left-Handed

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Flexcut Carvin' Jack Left-Handed

The Flexcut Carvin Jack Left Hand is a multi tool designed specifically for wood carving. It's closed length is 4 1/4" and it weighs in at 3.5 ounces. Not bad for a Carving Knife you can carry with you.

The Flexcut Carvin Jack Left Hand is made for people who are left handed that want to cut towards themselves. If you prefer to cut away from yourself and are right handed you will need the Flexcut Carvin Jack Right Hand.

The Flexcut Carvin Jack Left Hand Includes 6 Blades:


  • A Detail Knife.
  • Straight Gouge.
  • Chisel.
  • V-Scorp.
  • Gouge Scorp.
  • Hook Knife.

The Detail Knife of the Flexcut Carving Jack can be used as a whittling knife. It is also great for quickly removing wood from convex surfaces and is great for delicate areas.

The Straight Gouge is great for modeling surfaces or creating different textures. It can also be used for carving printmaking woodcuts.

The Hook Knife is designed for carving in hollow areas where a straight blade can't reach. Rough out larger amounts of waste material or try your luck in spoon carving with this knife.

The V-Scorp is a tool that you won't find on many pocket knives. With its sharp corners, you can lean a clean line of demarkation between to adjacent surfaces, kind of the same as outlining something with a pencil.

The Gouge Scorp is a right angled gouge. The very short turning radius allows for carving very narrow and deep recesses. It's similar to spoon gouge but a whole lot better. This is a great feature of the Flexcut Carvin Jack Right Hand!

Last but not least is the Chisel. What carpenter should ever be without a chisel? Smooth of surfaces, set hinges and carve letters with this easy to use chisel.

The Flexcut Carvin Jack Left comes with a leather sheath that can mount on your belt, a slipstrop for sharpening and polishing compound. Also included are complete instructions to maintain those sharp edges.

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