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Flexcut Mallet Chisel 6 Piece Starter Set

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Flexcut Mallet Chisel 6 Piece Starter Set

Sometimes pushing tools by hand is not the most efficient way to go, especially when carving large projects or denser hardwoods. The mallet tools are designed with just that in mind. Handcrafted with the same long-lasting Flexcut razor edge, our Ash handles can be driven with a mallet or by hand.   The Flexcut Mallet Chisel 6 Piece Starter Set are sized for very extensive stock removal. Their handle diameter and steel caliper are twenty percent larger for intense projects. Carousel carvers, chainsaw carvers and those doing life size statuary will find these tools very speedy for knocking out rough shapes or smoothing out large areas.

Flexcut Mallet Chisel 6 Piece Starter Set Contains:

  • MC403 #3 x 1" (25mm).
  • MC305 #5 x 11/16" (17mm).
  • MC208 #7 x 7/16"(11mm).
  • MC311 #11 x 1/4" (6mm).
  • MC411 #10 x 9/16" (14mm).
  • MC360 60° x 3/8" (9mm).

Flexcut Mallet Set Of 4 Sculpture Tools Features:

  • Made with High Carbon Steel.
  • Ash contoured handle.
  • Razor Sharp.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Mallet Style Handle.

These Flexcut mallet  tools are pre-sharpened at the factory to a highly polished razor's edge. This creates an efficient, long-lasting cutting tool. The more polished the edge, the sharper it is and the longer it will stay sharp. Keeping your tools sharp requires some routine maintenance.  We recommend a Flexcut strop and Flexcut gold sharpening compound.  Flexcut tools are made in the USA from high carbon spring steel and quality craftsmanship. 


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