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Foredom 1/6 hp SR Motor

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8.49 LBS
1/6 hp
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The Foredom SR Motor is a commonly used tool among power carving professionals. With its 1/6 horse power and 39" flexible shaft, it offers the versatility and strength needed for any project.

SR Motor Features 

The SR Motor also includes three speed settings - off, forward, and reverse - allowing for precise control in any direction. Additionally, the SR Motor's key tip shafting allows for easy switching between various interchangeable handpieces. Overall, the Foredom SR Motor is a reliable and versatile choice for any power carving project.

This reset feature also allows the user to quickly switch direction while working, providing added control and precision. In addition, the reverse operation can be used to loosen stuck bits and remove stubborn material build-up.

Running the motor in reverse also helps to extend the life of the Flexible Shaft SR motor by reducing wear on internal components. All in all, utilizing reverse operation in Foredom flexible shaft machines offers a range of benefits for users.

SR Motor Advantages 

The SR Motor by Foredom offers a number of unique advantages for grinding, carving, and polishing projects. For example, reversing the motor direction allows for better control of dust and debris, as they are blown away from the workpiece instead of towards it.

This also helps to extend the life of mounted tools such as abrasive points and sanding bands. In addition, reverse rotation can improve symmetry in grinding and carving techniques, as well as assist with removing stuck drill bits.

The SR Motor's ability to reverse direction also makes metal polishing faster and more efficient. It is important to note that when using the SR Motor in reverse, a left-hand threaded arbor screw should be used on the mandrel. Overall, the SR Motor's reverse rotation capabilities offer a variety of benefits for both professionals and hobbyists alike.

When the handpiece/accessory is in use on a workpiece, the forward rotation direction is clockwise. Foredom motors are widely recognized for their quality, power, and performance. They are used in a variety of industries including woodworking, automotive, marine, aerospace, and jewelry making. Foredom also offers a wide range of Attachments and Accessories that fit onto the flexible shafts to enable users to perform an infinite number of tasks. Foredom Tools are the preferred choice of professional artisans and hobbyists around the world.

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