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Foredom 1070 Micromotor Kit

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The Foredom 1070 Micromotor Kit  is the perfect tool for craftsmen with its amazing range of functions, this kit meets any high-speed needs. From light deburring to variable speed foot control, it is designed to make it easier to craft precision masterpieces.

Jewelers and woodworkers will appreciate the fine detailing capability and the 2.35mm or 1/8 inch collet choice. The control box efficiently converts AC current to DC current for the handpiece and a spare pair of motor brushes, fuse, and collet changing wrenches are also included in the set so that you know you're always prepared for each project. With this special kit, crafting becomes easier and faster with the finest quality materials offered!

The Foredom 1070 Micromotor Kit is a great power carving product for people looking for a higher speed with a lighter touch. Compared to flexible shaft machines, micromotors such as Foredom have less torque but can still achieve the same rate of material removal because of their higher speed.

Furthermore, this Foredom Micromotor Kit features an added cord connection between the handpiece motor and control box, which offers greater freedom of movement than what you have with a flexible shaft machine. All in all, materials such as Foredom's 1070 Micromotor Kit are outstanding choices for those who want the highest speed with minimal torque.

The Foredom 1070 Micromotor Kit Features

The Micromotor Kit is the perfect solution for anyone looking to execute precise control and speed with an easy-to-use design. Its Control Box is compact and leaves no room for guesswork, featuring switches on its front for On/Off Power, Forward or Reverse Rotation, and Manual or Foot Speed Control.

Speed can be adjusted from low to full speed using the dial within the box or with a foot pedal, however, a unique feature offered by this kit is the Overload Protection Light, which will turn red while the motor stalls and sounds a beeping alarm; providing a simple, but efficient solution in order to indicate when power needs to be recalibrated.

Micromotor Kits are becoming increasingly popular for various purposes due to their convenience and functionality. One of the most important components of a Micromotor Kit is the High-Speed Rotary Handpiece, which offers precision and very high-speed work capabilities as well as a quick-release rotary-type chuck.

Its fan-cooled, brush-type continuous-duty motor helps run cool without added vibration or lubrication, ensuring smooth operation with a permanently lubricated shielded ball bearing that makes maintenance easy.

Utilizing this handpiece allows users to take on delicate tasks efficiently and easily. Bur changes are quick and easy with a simple twist of the front section of the Handpiece. A cradle is also supplied for the handpiece when not in use. A selection of collet adapters is available for simplifying changes between accessories with different shank sizes.

Tip Consider purchasing a separate Collet Adapter” that fits inside the handpiece collet and allows the use of smaller shank size accessories without having to change the collet. We offer five sizes of adapters that fit in all of our micromotor handpieces except the hammer and chuck styles. 

What's Included In The Foredom Micromotor Kit?

  • The Control Box with on/off switch plus forward and reverse rotation. 
  • A Quick Change Handpiece with 1/8″ Collet installed.
  • The Variable Speed Foot Control for increasing and decreasing speeds.
  • A Handpiece Cradle that holds the handpiece when it is not in use.
  • A Spare pair of motor brushes, spare fuse, and a collet for changing wrenches.
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