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Foredom #30 Handpiece Square Drive

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1.00 LBS
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The H.30H handpiece is a durable and reliable option for those in need of a high-quality tool. It features a geared 3-jaw #0 chuck with 0-5/32" (4mm) capacity and includes a chuck key in the molded handle.

This handpiece also has a positive locking mechanism (locking ring) for use with Series SRH, TXH, LXH and discontinued H motors, as well as pre-lubricated, shielded ball bearings that do not require maintenance.

Additionally, the H.30H is 5-13/16" long and 1" in diameter (at the center), and has a ship weight of 10.55 oz. Please note that this handpiece cannot connect to Foredom's key tip connection standard shafts.

This 3-jaw chuck style handpiece for use with square drive, heavy duty flex shafts ONLY on Series SRH, TXH and LXH machines. Comes with chuck key.

Foredom H.30H Handpiece Specifications:

  • Model H.30H.
  • 11.5" long.
  • 1.5 diameter (center).
  • 1.5 (taper).
  • Interchangeable.

Square Drive Handpieces

These power carving Square drive handpieces are made for unusually large or difficult jobs. This is when you need a square drive shaft.
Foredom motors sold with a square drive shaft have a thicker protective sheath and have the letter H after the number such as the H-30H

Square drive shafting is thicker, less flexible, and usually 63 inches long and can only connect to a square drive handpiece.

Certain jobs demand a torsional breaking point of 50 inches per pound compared to a key shaft that can only handle 24 inches per pound and also has locking rings.

And because it's made of tough, durable materials, it can handle more torque than a traditional handpiece, making it perfect for those tougher carving projects. So if you're looking for a handpiece that can handle the big jobs, the Power Carving Square Drive Handpiece is the tool for you.

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Additional Information

Handpiece Style:
Square Drive
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