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Foredom Brushless 1060 Micromotor Kit

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8.60 LBS


This Foredom Brushless 1060 Micromotor Kit has everything you need to get started on your wood-turning, carving and jewelry-making projects. It comes with a control box with a digital display, high precision handpiece with two collets – 3/32" and 1/8", variable speed foot pedal for added convenience, handpiece cradle for safe storage, and even an extra fuse for emergency repairs.

This set is great for both the beginner and seasoned expert in need of reliable equipment at a great value.Brushless micromotor is ideal for various applications at high, medium, and low speeds. 

The Foredom Brushless 1060 Micromotor Kit is a powerful, versatile tool for anyone looking to get results quickly and efficiently. This handpiece is capable of providing smooth, clean, and sharp detailing in metal and wood when running at high speeds and it is great for bright-cutting, grinding, finishing, texturing and polishing.There’s no need to worry about changing the brush either.

Similarly outstanding results can be achieved at medium speeds with stock removal in wood, die stone or acrylics. Finally at the low end users have extra control and power for stone setting and milling. With its range of applications the Foredom Micromotor Kit is an incredibly useful resource for any artist or craftsman.

Overall Product Features

Foredom's Brushless 1060 Micromotor Kit is the perfect option for those looking to take care of their nail and hand tool needs. It boasts a powerful motor with maximum torque or watts output of 11.3 oz-in/8 N-Cm or 160 Watts Output Power, making it one of the most reliable kits around.
Additionally, Foredom includes a unique brushless motor design which eliminates the need to ever change carbon brushes - a huge cost and time saving feature!
Foredom also understands that the small details make all the difference, so they have included a sealed housing in their new kit which eliminates dust, noise, and vibration for an improved user experience. Foredom is so sure of their craftsmanship that they offer a two year limited warranty on their products to give users peace of mind.

Control Box and Front Panel LED Specifications and Features

Foredom's Brushless 1060 Micromotor Kit is a powerful and accurate tool designed to help you with any detail job. The control box with front panel LED in the kit allows you to operate in Forward or Reverse rotation, choose Dial or Foot speed control, and set a maximum speed for operation when using foot control, as well as select 115 or 230 Volt.

All of these settings come together to help you further customize your Foredom experience while providing an easy to read digital display of your desired speed at all times. Foredom's advanced technology ensures reliability and maintainability to get the most out of every turn.

Whats In The Box?

  • Brushless Micromotor Kit with high torque and speed up to 50,000 RPM.
  • Brushless Handpiece - The handpiece has an ergonomic, comfortable grip 
  • a 2.35mm (3/32″) collet installed and 1/8″ collet included.
  • Built-in overload protection
  • Convenient handpiece holder with four (4) optional locations on control box

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced power carver, the Foredom Brushless 1060 Micromotor Kit is sure to step up your carving game. The independent speed control offered by the 1060 Micromotor Kit allows for precise speed adjustments with extended run times and increased torque - perfect for a range of projects!

Relax knowing that your power carving project will be helped along with a high performance micromotor from Cherry Tree Toys.

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