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Foredom Collet Set for 44T Handpiece

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The Foredom Collet Set for 44T Handpiece are widely used in the woodworking industry for securely gripping and holding onto tools. They have a unique design, with a conically shaped outer surface that allows for application of a strong clamping force when that tightens onto the burr

Collets are often used to hold a burr in place while it rotates, ensuring that it remains central and stable during operation. It is important to carefully monitor the pressure applied to the collet, as excessive stretching can cause it to permanently lose shape and no longer be able to secure the tool effectively.

Overall, collets are essential components in various industrial processes, allowing for precision and safe operation of equipment.

Set of 7 collets fit the 43 Handpieces and 44 Handpieces that are heavy duty, plus the Bench Lathe. 

The set adds great versatility since it accommodates different diameter shank burs and other accessories.

  • 3/32″
  • 3mm
  • 1/8″
  • 3/16″
  • 5/32″
  • 6mm
  • 1/4″
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