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Foredom H.30 Chuck Style Handpiece

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The Foredom H.30 Handpiece is a great woodcarving tool.  It is part of Foredom's Chuck Style handpieces. 

You can use the  handpiece with a wide variety of  shanks increasing versatility suitable for continuous use. Use the Foredom handpiece without worries of lubrication because it's made with pre-lubricated ball bearings that requires no maintenance. 

The Foredom H.30 Handpiece is very versatile and can be used with drill bits and carving burs with a shank up to 5/32" ( will not take 1/4" shank). This Foredom Handpiece also comes with a chuck key for changing accessories.

This Handpiece Can Be Used With The Following Attachments

  • Belt Sander Attachment.
  • Angle Grinder Attachment.
  • Foredom Drill Press.
  • Right Angle Collet Adapter.
  • Handpiece Holder
  • All Set Stone Setting Kits

The Chuck Key Handpiece is an amazing attachment for your Foredom flexible shaft tool! It is important to check the sheath and shaft tip and properly adjust them before attaching this handpiece to your Foredom flexible shaft tool.

The tip of the flexible shaft should extend 3/4″ beyond the end of the sheath. This adjustment is made by loosening the set screw in the motor connector and moving the sheath in or out while the motor and shaft and sheath are hanging fully extended or laying on a flat surface.

When the shaft is adjusted correctly, tighten the set screw in the motor connector. The Handpiece is going to make your work easier, faster and more precise!

The Foredom H.30 is the perfect choice for those who want the best of both worlds: the precision of a 3-jaw chuck and the versatility of a #0 chuck. With this handpiece, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Foredom H.30 Handpiece Specifications:

  • 5 3/16" long.
  • 1"diameter.
  • Pre-lubricated Ball Bearings.
  • Includes Chuck Key.


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