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Foredom H.8D Duplex Handpiece

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Join the new level of power and performance with the Foredom H.8D Duplex Handpiece. The Foredom H.8D Duplex Handpiece is one of the most popular handpieces with a slim design and chuck guard sleeve to protect fingers that slides back when changing collets and accessories, plus  accommodates up to 1/8"  diameter shank.

The Foredom handpiece has a Duplex Spring which  features flexibility that makes it extremely easier to to get into awkward places with precise control. You can interchange handpieces to any Key Tip style Foredom Flex Shaft machines except heavy duty models.

You can use the Foredom handpiece with a wide variety of  shanks increasing versatility suitable for continuous use.  Use the Foredom H.8D Duplex Handpiece without worries of lubrication because it's made with pre-lubricated ball bearings requiring no maintenance . The Foredom handpiece fits all regular Flex Shaft machines. 

Foredom H.8D Duplex Handpiece  Includes: 

  • Two Collets; 3/32", 1/8".
  • Pre-lubricated Ball Bearings.
  • Slim Design.
  • Sliding Chuck Guard.

Foredom H.8D Duplex Handpiece Specifications:

  • Model H.8D.
  • 9 3/8" long.
  • 5/8" diameter.
  • Weight: 5.2 oz.
  • Duplex General Purpose Handpiece.
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Additional Information

Handpiece Style:
Key Tip
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