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Foredom MH 170 Handpiece

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Foredom's MH 170 Handpiece is perfect for any woodworker requiring precise and fast work. Its slender contoured grip makes it easier to hold and the brush-type continuous-duty motor runs cool and with no vibration, even during long periods of use.

Foredom also thoughtfully included a quick-release rotary-type chuck and permanently lubricated, shielded ball bearings that will never have to be oiled - perfect for busy users who need something that just works. All you need to do is plug it in and get working!

How The Foredom MH 170 Handpiece Works

Micromotor Handpieces offer precise and reliable control for various milling projects. This sophisticated tool fits into most controllers, making it an ideal replacement for outdated models or to simply enhance existing setups.

Most Micromotor Handpieces come with either a 1/8" or 3/32" collet, which gives users great flexibility in switching between burrs with different shanks without having to switch out the collet. So all in all, Micromotor Handpiece is a great investment that makes any milling task more efficient and hassle-free.

This Micromotor handpiece is incredibly useful tools that can simplify dental work and enhance patient comfort. With its 1/8" collet, installation and changing of accessories have never been easier; a simple twist of the front section of the handpiece is all it takes!

To make changes between accessories with different shank sizes even simpler, a selection of collet adapters is available. The Micromotor Handpiece provides precision results and is an invaluable addition to any dental lab, power carving woodworker or jeweler.

Cleaning The Foredom MH 170 Handpiece

When using this handpiece for carving, it should be cleaned after every use. Once you have disconnected everything unscrew the protective cap and use a clean dry cloth to wipe dirt, chips, or dust from the exhaust ports  inside the cap. Never use cleaning fluids or immerse the handpiece in any type of liquid.

Brush Type High Speed Rotary Handpiece Specifications:

  • 6.2" overall length,
  • 5/8" grip diameter,
  • 1" motor diameter,
  • 7.3 oz. 
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