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Foredom Sanding Belt 7mm Assortment

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Your Foredom belt sander attachment is a great tool for quickly smoothing wood or metal surfaces, but it won't do the job properly without the 10mm Sandpaper Belts to hold the sandpaper in place. Without these belts, pressure can cause dust to fly around and make uneven surfaces.

Replacing your worn out sanding belts with Foredom Sandpaper Belts will always give results that are consistent and reliable without digging too deep into your material. 

These sandpaper 10mm belts will fit all Foredom Belt Sander Attachments and are the only ones that will fit sanders made before 2011. Other grits of sandpaper are available as well as wider 10mm belts.

Foredom Sanding Belt 7mm Assortment

  • 3 each of the 100 grit sanding belts
  • 3 of the 180 grit sanding belts
  • 3 of the 240 grit sanding belts
  • 3 of the 320 Grit sanding belts
  • 3 of the 600 grit sanding belts
  • 3 of the 1000 grit sanding belts

Find Foredom Replacement Belts Coarse Assortment today to ensure you get perfect results from your belt sander attachment.

10mm belts are available for Sanding Belt Attachments with serial numbers starting with the numbers 11 and higher.
Attachments with these serial numbers can use both the 7mm and the 10mm belts.

Attachments with serial numbers starting with 09 and lower can use only the 7mm belts. 

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