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Goldie Tapered Round Nose Carbide Burr Medium Grit

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The Round Nose Burr is an essential tool for wood carving projects. Whether you are making detailed chair backs, intricate face masks, or any other wooden sculpture, this burr will come in handy.

It allows you to sculpt small and large carvings with ease. The burr is designed to be drawn laterally for undercutting low-relief edges or deeper sections like eye sockets. Thanks to its gold carbide construction, it ensures a smooth sanded finish even when perfecting difficult surfaces!

When it comes to embellishing your craft projects with intricate details, these Goldie Tapered Round Nose Carbide Burrs are the perfect tool. Made with a 3/32" shank and Gold Carbide material.

So if you're looking for something special to carve into your work project, these burs are an excellent choice.

Goldie Tapered Round Nose Carbide Burr Medium Grit Specifications:

  • 3/32" shank.
  • 1 3/8" total length.
  • 3/8" cutting head length.
  • The diameter at the base of the taper is about 3/16".
  • The diameter at the top of the taper is about 1/8".
  • Medium Grit.
  • Gold carbide. 
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