Gothic Wall Clock Plan

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Gothic Wall Clock Plan

Let the sawdust fly with the  Gothic Wall Clock Plan. You'll be amazed what you can create with this  wonderful Scroll Saw pattern.  The doors on the front panel can be made to open and close with small hinges.  Weather your a beginner or advanced woodworker, you'll be inspired by this ingenious plan.

Gothic Wall Clock Plan Recommended Components:

  • Mini Quartz Movement with 5/8" Threaded Shaft.
  • 2 3/4" Cuckoo Dial
  • 1 3/8" Hands.

 Out of Plywood: -1 Pack of 1/4" Thick Material

 Out of Hardwood: -1 Board 10" Wide -1 Board 6" Wide

6 1/2 inches W x 17 7/8 inches H x 3 inches D.