Grand Tower Clock Plan

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Each level is unique.  A masterpiece of art.  The grand balcony on top contrasts the grand entrance on the first floor.  A new full-sized project to add to your collection. 

 Stands 50 inches H x 22 inches W x 10 inches D.

Suggested components: 2543 chime movement, 3610 or 3611 dial, 8901 hands.

OUT OF PLYWOOD: -1 pc 3/4 inch thick x 10 inches wide x 24 inches long for main floor. (Also recommend using 3/8 inch material for 2nd floor.) -2 pcs 6 inch wide by 24 inches long for false plates -1 pc 10 inches wide x 24 inches long for floor. -Also need 3 packs (2 sheets per pack) of 1/4 inch plywood for the rest of the clock excluding curved pieces. -Need 1 pack of 1/8 inch plywood for curved pieces.

Out of Hardwood: Recommend thicker material for floors and false plates.  We suggest plywood or hardwood 3/4 inch x 10 inches x 24 inches for the main floor. For false plates and 2nd floor recommend 3/4 inch (hardwood or plywood). -Need 2 boards 6 inches x 24 inches -1 board 10 inches x 24 inches. -For curved pieces we recommend 1 pack of 1/8 inch plywood.
For the rest of the clock you need the following: -Two 1/4 inch thick x 12 inch wide x 24 inch long (*Note: Need 2 pieces of solid wood) -One 1/4 inch thick x  8 inch wide x 24 inch long -One 1/2 inch x 1 1/2 inch x 12 inch for pillars -Five 1/4 inch thick x  6 inch wide x 24 inch long      (Recommend enclosing back with 1/8 inch thick material such as paneling or 1 pack of our 1/8 inch plywood.

Hinge: 2 pair of 9005 Knob: 2 of 9111