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Great Book of Dragon Patterns 3rd Edition

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Dragon art is a very popular subject, but it can be hard to find quality instruction that's suited for artists of all levels. With this updated and improved 3rd edition, you'll find everything you need to start creating your own fantastical renderings of man's favorite foe.

From beginner tips to advanced techniques, this book has something for everyone who wants to create beautiful dragon art. With hundreds of inspiring images and easy-to-follow instructions, you'll be able to transform a plain piece of wood into a masterpiece.

 Featuring 72 patterns, an in-depth review of dragon anatomy, and a survey of fascinating dragon lore, this guide provides everything you need to create the perfect dragon for your next project.  Design your own dragon with this comprehensive reference of dragon designs. 

Great Book of Dragon Patterns 3rd Edition

  • This book provides patterns and techniques for
    • Woodworkers, Scroll Saw, Intarsia, Relief Carving, Marquetry, Pyrography
    • Fabric Artist, Quilting, Needlepoint, Embroidery, Silk Screening
    • Illustrators with OIl, Watercolor, Tole Painting, Airbrush, Pen, & Ink
    • Mediums of your choice from Computer Graphics, Paper Cutting, Body Art, Etching, and even Stained Glass


Author /Artist Lora Irish provides fantasy dragons with mythical animal-inspired dragons! There are instructions for drawing details from the scales to line drawings of different poses. 

Great Book of Dragon Patterns 3rd Edition Specifications

  • Softcover
  • 200 Pages
  • 140 Dragon Patterns
  • Author - Lora S. Irish
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