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Griffin Alkyd Yellow Ochre Paint

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  • The Yellow Ochre Paint shows what colors you can create with different thinning mixtures making it fade from dark to light.
  • A color sample of the Yellow Ochre Paint.


Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Paint is an oil paint that dries quickly, making it ideal for thick impasto techniques and underpainting. The paint is made with the best quality materials.

Yellow Ochre is a warm yellow color. Originally made from natural iron oxides found in the earth, it is one of the oldest pigments used by mankind. A synthetic version became available in the 1920s.

Drying Time

The Alkyd is a high-quality oil paint that is perfect for artists who want to create beautiful paintings. The paint dries quickly, making it perfect for thick impasto techniques and underpainting. The paint is made with the best quality materials. 

This Fast Drying Oil Color is a range of oil-based paint colors that were developed in response to the popularity of acrylic colors, which dry in 10-20 minutes. The colors remain workable for 4 to 8 hours and are touch dry in 18 to 24 hours. This makes an ideal choice for artists who want the flexibility of oil painting without the long drying time.

Griffin Alkyd oil colors are made from a naturally derived vegetable oil that is polymerized, resulting in a resin-like product that is very similar to traditional linseed oil. These colors are also highly pigmented and have excellent lightfastness, making them a great choice for both studio and Plein air painting.

Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Paint is a high-quality, professional-grade paint that is perfect for a variety of applications. Made with an alkyd resin binder that has been modified with non-yellowing drying oil.

This Alkyd Oil Paint provides excellent durability and rapid drying time. Additionally, the unique formulation of Oil Paint helps to ensure optimum color retention. 

The Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Paint is a high-quality paint that dries quickly and evenly, making it ideal for artists who want to achieve consistent results. The paint is easy to work with and provides excellent coverage, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced painters.

Alkyd oil paint is available in a wide range of colors, so you can find the perfect shade for your project. Whether you're creating a masterpiece or simply sprucing up your project, Griffin Alkyd oil paint is a great choice.

 Mixing Paint

The paint can be thinned by using oil color solvents. You can apply the paint thickly to your project or glazing can be done in less time. Drying times will vary by the thickness of the paint you apply and the temperature in your environment.

Winsor & Newton's Griffin Alkyd Yellow Ochre Paint dries at the same rate as Semi-gloss finish and can be varnished in 30 days.

Cleaning the paint is super easy. Simply clean with mineral spirits.

 Griffin Alkyd Yellow Ochre Paint Specifications

  • Permanence  AA - Extremely Permanent
  • Vehicle Oil - Alkyd Resin
  • Color Number- 744
  • Lightfastness - 1
  • Series - 1
  • Opacity - Semi-Transparent
  • Pigment - PY43
  • Manufacturer - Windsor & Newton

Winsor & Newton has been in business for years and has established a successful reputation, which is reflected in the product.  

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